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Table styling: Cannot create both top and bottom border


See attached screenshot of desired result (red lines). I tried an idea from a similar post but it didn't work:


"Border-top: 1px solid black; Border-bottom: 3px solid black"


If you include both arguments, all lines disappear. If you include only 1 of the two, it works.


Any ideas?

Alteryx Certified Partner


That formula seems to work fine for me, assuming that's the result you're looking for. The row rule i created was to apply the formula when the Desc = Total. It did need require that I configured the "Default Table Settings" setting the "Table Border" to "No" in order for the bottom one to have the larger line when exporting to Excel.


If you're still unable to get this to work, I suggest sharing an example of your workflow that we can investigate and either fix or let you know what the issue is.


Hope this helps,

Teknion Data Solutions



Thanks @jrgo , that works as intended