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Table Tool, Test Tool

8 - Asteroid

Can the Test Tool create a separate report of unmatched data - or can any tool? Is Fuzzy Match a better tool?


I have 2 input reports - 1 is a Report and the other is a Table. I need to bring rows from the Table into my Report. I'm using the Join Tool but it doesn't look clean to me. Is this the best Tool to use? I used the Text Input Tool to bring in the table.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

My advice would be to use the Join tool. The advantage of this is you get the unmatched data out the sides of the Join. You may need to clean up the report to be just the data that's being checked. One other trick there is if you need to check multiple fields, then you can transpose them and join on Name/Value. If you wanted to create a message with the results then you can use a Message tool.