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Table Tool Data Type (String/Integer)

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Hi, I have Postal Code column and used select tool with datatype to V_WString it converted the data to string but i get the warning "Number stored as text" when i open in excel. The default type for all column once the render tools outputs the excel file become "Number" automatically even though my data is V_WString. Any solution to remove that?


I have attached the warning message and data type showing "Number" i get in excel here. 


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11 - Bolide

Hi @dineshp,


I had a look at your scenario and tried to replicate - see my attached workflow.


First i tried to see how number values with enforced V_WString type look when you save into csv format, but they come out simply as numbers (this is expected, as csv is format-less).


My recommendation is to flow this field/column as a numerical type Int32 or higher due to range (Int16 does not cover your range as per your examples) and take care about formatting in Excel.


I noticed you can apply a Speciaf format as postcode (just provide your location) or you can enforce formatting using wildcards as below.







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Hi @rafalolbert 


I am not writing into a CSV. I am writing it to Excel workbook .XLSX format. I am appending images and formatting using Table and Layout. So, i am using the 'Render' tool to put the excel file. This is going to be to be automated so i cannot every time open and change the excel data types.


This Postal Code is an example. I have ID's, Phone number etc which are following through as String but in the output excel file they are converted to "Number" and represented as 123,456,789 (with comma) which i don't want.


The Table tool or Render tools as far as i am understanding is outputting all columns into a 'Number' format irrespective what data type flows through it. Is there any way to change that ?


I have attached a sample workflow.