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Table Style - Formula Styles - Border-Collapse

We can use CSS to customize table style, but the option "border-collapse: collapse" is not available.


When the table is export as word / png / pdf using "render", the border are collapsed automatically, unlike what shown in "browser". However, when I try to send "email", the border is not collapsed. Is there a work-around?


Alteryx Table Style:

CSS Table Style:


Hello @oscarchan,


Can you please attach a simple workflow that demonstrates this behavior?



Hoss Carroll
Customer Support Engineer

Thank you for the reply.


The core problem is the table style is ugly when row and column borders are turned on using Default Table Settings.


The two screenshots show different styles when the table are created using "Email" and "Render".


In Column B and C, cell padding exists in "Email" but not in "Render". I tried to fix this in Column A by using Column Rules: "border: 1px solid black" and "border-collapse: collapse" but collapsed border is not supported.


TableEmail.PNGTable EmailTableRender.PNGTable Render