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Can i access Time Series related functions in my trial version? I want to evaluate this but cannot find it. I have searched it on community as well.  If I want to download it from the store, surprisingly, it is asking me for a license key which I dont have since it is a trial version.


Any help would be appreciated.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @aapte 


Time Series tools are included with the predictive tools which you will be fine to download with your trial. In Designer goto Options > Download Predictive Tools.


If you already have predictive tools installed you might want to try checking 'Add/Remove Tools' under the toolbar.


Hi @jamielaird,


I get redirected to the login page of the Gallery. After I login, it asks me for the License. Attached is the screenshot.



Ankur Apte

Alteryx Certified Partner

Interesting - I haven't encountered that before. I recommend contacting who should be able to advise.