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Syntax to find if a field contains special characters only

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I have a requirement to find out if a field(string) contains special characters only.

Please could you let me know how do I do it?


Street Name                     Result

ABC-                                 False

-                                        True

#$--                                   True

ABC – 98                          False

ABC xy                             False

ABC – xyz                        False



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Alteryx Certified Partner



Here's a regular expression to help you:


REGEX_CountMatches([Street Name], "[a-zA-Z0-9\s]")=0

It counts the occurrences of letters and numbers and spaces and if that count is ZERO, then it is true.  It gives you a TRUE on NULL addresses.  If you want to avoid NULL addresses being TRUE, then:


IIF(IsNull([Street Name]),"False", REGEX_CountMatches([Street Name], "[a-zA-Z0-9\s]")=0)



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Something like this in a Formula tool will work:


!REGEX_Match([Street Name], ".*[\w].*")


Hope it helps!