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Syntax error

I am trying to use SQL Editor on an Input Tool. I am able to run this query just fine in Teradata, but when I paste into SQL Editor I am getting the error below. Anyone know of an easy way to correct issue without having to manually re-type the entire query?

select	a11.WK_IDNT  WK_IDNT,
	max(a15.WK_DESC)  WK_DESC,
	max(a15.WK_END_DT)  WK_END_DT,

above is the SQL the error is calling out and below is the error message.



ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Just fishing in the dark, but the nature of the message suggests that it's regarding "a15" as a variable (rather than a table), and then gets confused by the period.  Can you confirm that you have a table in your SQL that is being aliased as "a15"?  I'm guessing you do, but just thought I'd ask.


For some reason Alteryx did not like the tabs after Select, From, and Where.