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Supply Chain Simulation



I'm trying to use Alteryx to simulate my company's supply chain.  We have a demand with high variability and would like to run a simulation (say 5,000 iterations) that shows what inventory levels across the globe would be based on current production runs and demand forecast.  


Is this possible using Alteryx?  


To note, I've never used the Alteryx simulation tool.  


As always, thanks to the community for any insights/examples/tips you can provide.


What is the simulation model you run? Do you want to develop it inside Alteryx, or is it a separate object called from withing Atleryx?

Without more information, I think using an Iterative Macro with the model inside and could work simply and easily. You'd just vary the input parameters.

Thanks for the reply.  I would like to develop inside of Alteryx.  I'm not sure if it has the capability to do that though.  My questions is wondering if that capability is possible. 


Attached is a quick, simple iteration model. Does this answer your question if it can be done?

Thanks so much!


Let me know if you have any questions on setting up the iterative macro (or any other questions).

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Alteryx Certified Partner



I continue to avoid building macros when there is a reasonable work-around.  In the sample that @Philip provided you (a very good and sound solution), the 5,000 iterations take roughly 2.7 seconds to complete.  I used all of the logic from that macro to create a non-iterative approach (via generate rows) and solve the same problem in 0.3 seconds.


@JoeM puts the challenges out there and I guess so do you now.


Capture.png Capture.png






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