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Summing data from Multiple columns into a new calculated column


Hello friends, 


What is the best way to sum values from multiple columns, from an Excel file, into a new column? If it is an expression, could you please show an example? 


Thank you!


I would use the Formula tool. Place it after your Input Data tool, then from the drop-down in the Formula tool's configuration select "+ Add Column" and type the name for your new column. For the expression, use a formula to add them together:



Make sure to choose an appropriate Data type (i.e. Int16/32/64, Float, Double, etc) so you can use it later in your flow.


Hope this helps!



I also have a similar question...I currently have 10+ columns that I would like to sum up. Is there a way to do it without having to manually put in each field name into the formula tool? 


Depending on your data structure, you could use a Transpose and then a Summarize.  This would allow you to select the fields you want to keep and sum the rest together.


Thanks guys!! All excellent solutions. I will try them out and see which one works best for me 


I have a similar requirement with more than 100 columns that i need to sum up. But i do not want to do a transpose & summarize. Is there any other way of doing it efficiently?

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @GaRaGe,

why you don't want to use transpose?  I think you want to see your sumed field along with other 100 fields, for that you can use join tool and achieve the desire result. i am attaching the solved workflow. See if it helps.(As an example I am taking 20 fields, you can do this same on any number of fields)

Screenshot (131).png




thanks @Bharti but wont it be more complex when the number of fields and rows are really huge in number?

Alteryx Certified Partner

@GaRaGe According to me ,this is the most simple method when the number of rows and fields are more. Try it out, you will get to know. Thanks.