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Summarizing survey data

8 - Asteroid

Hi Community,


I'm trying to summarize the attached survey data. I have questions 1a - 1m all of which have the same set of answers to choose from:

All of my courses
Most of my courses
Some of my courses (ie., about half)
Few of my courses
None of my courses
Not applicable


I would like to count the responses, remove Not applicable & blanks, and get the output close to the following format:

Q1a_All of my coursesQ1a_Most of my coursesQ1a_Some of my courses (ie., about half)Q1a_Few of my coursesQ1b_All of my coursesQ1b_Most of my coursesQ1b_Some of my courses (ie., about half)Q1b_Few of my courses


I'm pretty close using the following workflow (attached):


But was wondering how to:

  • get the column names in the format I want (from above).
  • get around having to repeat the above workflow for each of 1b - 1m (there are another couple of sets of questions in a similar format but with different answer choices, so this could get ugly fast)
  • I did try using the 'Field Info' tool to just grab all the Q1's but wasn't sure how to glue it all back together again.





17 - Castor

@YeahMan  are you looking for something like below




11 - Bolide

Hi @YeahMan ,


You can Transpose all rows and columns at the same time. To ensure we have the required names and order of the columns in the final output, I suggest to create a mapping table that have all the possible column names. Attached workflow for your reference.



Hope this helps.

Thank you.


Best Regards,


17 - Castor

@YeahMan, try this.




Sapna Gupta
8 - Asteroid

Wow, this community is amazing. Thank you all so much for the help!


8 - Asteroid

Thank you Lelia! This is a thing of beauty. I still have 8 questions to go with different response options and then group by the appropriate input (college, school, program and MCU), so there is still a fair bit of work to be done. Oh yeah, I still have to create the final Excel report with graphs! But this solution helps so much. Very much appreciated.