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Summarize tool rename the column after the 2019.03 update


Hi Community and admins,


After the latest update, there is a new feature in the summarize tool. Newly it is rename the column after group by. With the sum_ or max_ renameing it isn't any problem, but with this GroupBy_ renaming is very annoying. Mostly i have to group multiple columns, and after that join it to another line. Right now i have to delete manually the "GroupBy_" string (or when i have to update a previous workflow), and it takes a lot of time. 


Is it possible to turn off this function? 


Thanks in advance,


Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Kucsi ,


I agree, and no, I don't think you can. However, it's probably quicker to apply a dynamic rename tool after the summarise tool and rename using a formula ( replace(_currentfields_,"Group by_","")



@Kucsi Thanks for posting and alerting me to this issue with 2019.3! 


noticed it yesterday. Law of unintended consequences. I think on the surface it makes sense but in application (as mentioned above) it's a bit of mess. Would prefer it go back the other way!


Edit: have added this as a suggestion on the ideas page!


Thanks to adding it to the ideas page! As i see I'm not the only one who find it annoying.




thanks for the idea, i will use it in this case.


I'd prefer if all renaming of fields in the summarize tool was optional, maybe similar to the select tool where you can highlight fields and select where to apply prefixes.  I routinely find myself removing the prefixes (i.e. "Sum_") added to the Output Field Names.  Sometimes the prefixes are helpful, but 90% of the time, I just want the original field names to carry through.  This recent change when using GroupBy will force me to remove that prefix every time : (

omg this is annoying! 

Fixing this shouldn't require an idea. it's not a regression error, but it's just something that should be removed.