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Hi All,


Im getting the data from two summary transformers now I need to subtract both the results.I know this questions looks funny & basic. But i'm struck.



Summary1 output(Named :Total Offerings): 20

Summary2 Output(Named: Total Purchases) 10


Im looking for Calculation:

Summary1- Summary2


Please correct me if I'm doing in wrong way. I used Union Transform and made to single column (Manually Configure Fields). After this point I couldn't move further. Could you help in resolving this issue.





Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
One (of many) approaches might be to JOIN the summaries (by record position) and the use a formula tool to create a new variable, DIFFERENCE, between them.
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Thank you. I tried this way before but didnt get through it. Thank you for the tip 🙂

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There are actually quite a lot of ways to to do it. The most direct way would be as Marquee asid, join them together and then create new field for difference.

Here I created an example using different ways and looking at the performance, seems using append field would save a little bit of time (not much but a little bit).


All I want to say is when designing a more complex workflow, performance could become an issue and need to be aware of how to refine it.

As far as I know, join will embed a sorting action in output so it might sligtly influencing the speed. Anyway, it all depends on what you need to do and all apprach are correct as long as it works.


Happy designing!



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Thank you for tip  Smiley Wink. As you said Yes performance matters when handling huge amount of data. I totally agree with you.