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Substituting a symbol with an image on interactive chart

6 - Meteoroid

Hey, I'm not sure Alteryx has the capability to do this, but I'm trying to add my own "symbols" or custom images to a workflow that produces charts.  I have done this with Tableau where you can add your own images to a file (see tableau link below) or even creating a graph that can link to image files.  I wanted to see if there I can do something similar with alteryx.  I would prefer to use alteryx because this workflow will produce over 1,000 charts every week & to do this in tableau I would need to manually filter each chart (viz) and manually print/download the image.


Tableau custom shapes example:


I would like to replace the below symbols with custom symbols.

(2021 01 13) Sample picture.png


10 - Fireball

Hi  @msonnenfeld 


As per my knowledge, Alteryx currently does not support such functionality