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String Limit

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I have a small workflow that gets data from a GET API Call and parses the ouput with the JSON Parse tool. It seems like the API does not return all data and something wierd is happening in the workflow.


The returned string is pretty large and cannot be displayed with a browse tool and i was wondering what i can do inorder to see why there are only 300 rows shown.

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Hi @Dennisklad1 ,


Almost all API's that I have worked with return a specified number of rows per GET request.

E.g Google Gmail API outputs 100 records per GET API request.


There is always a PAGE TOKEN parameter associated with your API query.

Page Token helps you to iterate over your API requests to get all the records.


Please read in detail about the API you are requesting to.



Shreyansh Rathod

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Thanks for the reply. I didnt know that.

I am accessing data from our sharepoint site with the endpoint "tenant/_api/ProjectData/Tasks". Do you mean to add the page parameter say in the body of the request?

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Yes, there might be a page parameter.

The Custodian of your API will know better.


Although, this is just my guess. Your API person can help you more on the same.