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Streamlining Multiple Concat Values

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I'm having a frustrating time getting rid of repeat values from my concat columns. I have attached the partial data, the issue i am having is in columns 3-9 i have concat'd the data but i have values in each columns which are repeats. I want to only keep the unique values. I started with 966 row and should end with the same. If you look in the workflow i tried a record id and text to rows with a unique tool, but when i do it which all the columns and try to join them it doesn't work.


Any ideas?



11 - Bolide

Hi @krishnagandhi 


Is it possible to share the workflow that generated this input or the actual input and the expected result. It will become messy if we try to remove duplicate from each column.

12 - Quasar

Hi, @krishnagandhi 


Try this.

TRIM(REGEX_Replace([Field Name], '\b(.+),(?=.*\b\1,?)', '')) for the fields that you need to process.


If this works for you, please mark as an acceptable solution and like.



Please see the attachment.


Actually, we addressed a similar scenario at the link below (if it had been tagged as a solution, you may have found it easily).



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Thanks, that works perfectly!

12 - Quasar

Good to know, @krishnagandhi!

You're most welcome.

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I am new to Alteryx and landed to this useful thread while trying to find unique values in a particular column separated by comma.


While I used this for my case, I found two unique values are merged and reporting only one value.


Attached example..


Appreciate any help on this.