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Strange behavior of interactive chart

6 - Meteoroid



This is my first try of creating a chart.


I did quite a simple one, charting a stock price history: Date on X axis and Close price which is a Double field on Y axis.






I would expect to have the Close price sorted correctly. To my surprise, it is not sorted.





What do I miss?


I am attaching the package below. Thank you for your help.


Kind regards

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @Jean-Charles , What version of Alteryx Designer are you using? I just tried your workflow with 2020.2, and even though it showed the wrong result first, as soon as I removed the field Close in the Interactive Chart, and added it again, it worked fine.


If running the same version as mine, I don't see any reason why you'd have a different result.

If running an older version of Designer, can you try to add a data cleanse tool (prior to the interactive chart). The fact null values are within the data may be a reason why it's not giving you the right result. Once data cleanse added, try to remove the field on the interactive chart and add it again.




6 - Meteoroid

Hello, thanks


I am running new version. There is no Null in the Close column.


I tried first to convert the field Close with the function ToNumber and it worked better to plot the new field.


Then I went back to your proposal: remove and add again the Close field: and it worked!


Then I simplified the workflow with a Select tool that simply define Close column as a Double. And it worked as well.


Not really understandable...


Thanks anyway.