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Stop the workflow

7 - Meteor

Hi All, 

         I have a filter tool and i want to stop the workflow before proceeding if i get any value in the false side. Is it possible to stop the workflow based on the filter value .






17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Sure it's possible, I would use the count records tool, an append tool and a message tool to achieve this behaviour.


The attached workflow shows how this can be achieved.





12 - Quasar

@BenMoss in your example, if zero records flow through the True output of the Filter tool, the Append Fields tool doesn't generate any output and the error isn't triggered in the Message tool.


What are the options to ensure the Message tool always works as requested?




17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @ChrisTX and @Ashwin1 


There's a couple of things that you need to set to get the Message tool to completely stop the workflow





1. Set the "Cancel Running Workflow on Error" in the Workflow config



2. Set the Message type in the Message tool to Error - And Stop Passing Records Through This tool. 




When no records show up on the false leg(filter is [Field1] <= 4), records make it to the browse



Start: Designer x64: Started running ...\Alteryx\Solutions\Stop the workflow\Stop.yxmd at 06/20/2019 08:26:09
Info: Text Input (1): 4 records were output
Info: Filter (2): 4 records were True and 0 were False
File_Output: Browse (3): End: Designer x64: Finished running Stop.yxmd in 0.5 seconds



When there is a record on the false leg(filter is [Field1] <= 3), the workflow stops and nothing makes it to the browse



Start: Designer x64: Started running T:\BEMI\Alteryx\Solutions\Stop the workflow\Stop.yxmd at 06/20/2019 08:27:27
Info: Text Input (1): 4 records were output
Error: Message (4): Stop Now
Error: Message (4): Workflow was Cancelled by Properties Setting
End: Designer x64: Finished running Stop.yxmd in 0.5 seconds with 2 errors





5 - Atom

Thank you for your resolution! I was able to use this in multiple workflows and set up an e-mail to generate when the workflow fails to alert me the need to rerun! Saves a lot of time!

8 - Asteroid

Can you please share the workflow which you had said ?

5 - Atom

Can you please explain how to set up an email when the workflow is halted so all the stakeholders can be notified? I used the email tool in the block until done tool with email on the output 1 and message tool on the 2 but it's not working for me. Thank you in advance. 

12 - Quasar

Under the Workflow configuration, use the tab for Events.


Screenshot 2021-02-24 142048.png



5 - Atom

Thank you very much Chris. It worked!!