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Stop flow if count > 0

7 - Meteor

I have a flow which I would like to stop if there are any rows in one of my left joins. 


I found this posting which details exactly how to do just that.


However when I add this to my flow the condition fails no matter what I do.  Here is the portion of the flow.




Here you can see the result is the count equals zero.




Here is the configuration of the test tool.






I believe I've set this up so that if the first cell in field 'Count' is greater than 0 it should fail, but it is failing when it equals zero. 


I've confirmed the field is setup as an integer, and have tried numerous combinations with no change in result.

14 - Magnetar



You've got your logic reversed.  The example in the post you linked is a workflow which will fail if the test returns 0 records.  If you change your test to [Count] = 0 that will correctly throw an error if the Count is any value other than 0.


Hope this helps!

7 - Meteor

Thanks!  That worked.