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Standard Competition Ranking


First you need to use a summarise tool to get the totals at each score.


You can then join this back to original set and use a sort tool to order the result


Finally use a multi row formula to compute the ranking on each row.

1, [Row-1:Competition]+iif([Row-1:count]=[count],0,[Row-1:Number]))


The outer IIFis checking if we are on the first row.  If so we will start with value of 1. If the score (count in this case) are different then we increase the value by the number of matching records of at the previous score ([Row-1:Number]). 


I have attached a demo computing various different ranking methods


Hope it helps


Thank you!! And if I wanted to show only the top 5 scores in the competition ranking, would I just use the "sample" tool?


Yes you could use a sample tool or alternatively use a filter tool on the ranking