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Splitting rows into multiple records based on date range



I have a list of customers and their insurance policies. The dataset has the columns: Customer number, Policy number, start date, end date.


A customer policy record may span multiple years, depending on how many times the customers has renewed the policy.


I would like to show a separate record for each annual renewal of the policy. For example, if a record started Jan 2014 and ended Dec 2017, I want to show 4 records with the amended start/end dates.


Any help much appreciated.




Super succinct response without much detail:  Look into a combination of the "Generate rows" tool and the multi-row tool.  This is your friend for use cases like this, where you want discrete records within some range where you didn't start with discrete records.




@eahmed008 Pretty simple version of this, which doesn't take into account a few things I can think of, but this will get you started in the right direction.



Thanks both for your help - that did the trick!