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Split the string into 2 or 3 as required.


I have one input to summarise tool where column has 20 email ids.
I am concatenating all the email with , separator. When I am using that concatenated column in email tool, the email tool sends the email to ids present in first 255 characters. Rest is truncated.

I am looking to split the string to multiple strings each less than the length of 255 characters. But all the email ids to be included and should be complete.

Any solution is of much help.

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Hey @TarunDeep 


This is a fun little challenge!


I approached this by splitting the email addresses back in to individual rows, then using a series of multi-row formulas to "group" the emails back together based on the sum of their length. Finally a quick summarize to concat the emails back in to single cells (but multiple rows).


Which gives an output like this:



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In my opinion, the better solution would be to create an active directory distro list and where Alteryx only has to ever point to one email address. If that's not feasible, here's a possible solution for you to consider. Note that I tested this to limit to 50 characters, which is defined in the first Multi-Row formula tool.



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Hi @TarunDeep this is what I came up with:




@jrgo Creating Active directory can't be a solution as that requires organization level involvement but I am using this tool for team based notification management through alteryx. Thanks for your workflow. It worked like a charm. 


@LordNeilLord & @OllieClarke Thanks for the reply. Your solutions also worked but marking this as this is the shortest.

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@TarunDeep ,


 please do reconsider marking all possible solutions as accepted. Surely the commentary about why one is preferred is helpful. A robust set of possible solutions may help future readers. We want to encourage members to participate and to share. 




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Oh, sure. In that case all 3 worked. I've marked them as solution.