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Split excel based on number of rows

5 - Atom



I believe this is a simple question but I am new to Alteryx and have some problems.


I have an excel file with 365 000 rows (only one column), I need to get 37 separate excels with 10 000 rows in each maximum.


I tried to use Sample, but the only decision I managed to create is too messy

8 - Asteroid


I'm not sure this is the easiest way, but I guess it works. Let me know if knot 🙂

10 - Fireball

Hi @viky_s 


You could add a recordID to your data then create a group column with a formula tool using the following formula.




Next do as @Hamder83 has done and use that value to construct a new output file name.





15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Hi @viky_s,


Here's a neat little trick many forget about. In the output tool, option 1 in the configuration pane:



I've set my value as 2, therefore Alteryx will output separate files, splitting my output into a maximum of two rows per output.


Let's say I have an input of 5 records:




The output with a maximum records per file of 2 (as the above example) would lead to three output files being created, with 2 records, 2 records and 1 record respectively:



This method will be fully dynamic also if the number of records to output changes. If your records increased to 25 you'd output 13 files, 12 of which would contain 2 records and 1 would contain 1 record.


Hope this helps! I've attached my workflow for you to download if needed.


Kind regards,