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Split comma separated text to columns(by dynamically checking no of delimiters in text)

7 - Meteor


I have text column (only 1 Row data)(comma separated) need to split into columns, but here problem is I want to change (# split into no of columns) in "Text to Columns" tool dynamically.


For example: if have A,B --> number should change to 2 dynamically, by counting delimiters in text

                                 A,B,C ->  number should change to 3 dynamically, by counting delimiters in text



* I have no idea whether Regex can do this


Can any one help me on this




15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Hey @pk1!


I would explore using the Text To Columns tool still, but try splitting to rows instead. Then use the Cross Tab tool to change your rows into different columns. Note you may need to insert a Formula tool before the Cross Tab in order to create a header field.


Hope this helps!

10 - Fireball

Hi @pk1,


I have a solution for your question, in order to dynamically run Text to Column tool, you would have to create a Batch Macro and with the help of some formula, you would be able to dynamic your output.


  • Create a new column using a formula tool and use formula - REGEX_CountMatches([Fruits], ",") + 1. It would give the count of delimiters available in a string.  See Screenshot.




  • Create a batch macro, under Updated Value, select @value-value = "3" and check mark "Replace a specific string". I have attached workflow both macro and workflow for your reference.
  • You would have to use summarize tool to find out the max value for fields to split, i.e. max number of columns
  •  now attach the macro  and see the results. A screen shot of the result is also attached here.



Let me know if you have any concerns. Happy Learning.


6 - Meteoroid

Thank you!!! It helped me a lot!