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Specifying the column headings




I am trying to delete specific rows from my raw data, but I am getting an extra row prior to my heading and I don't even have those in my original data. Thus when I added a new column, its column heading is not aligned with the other column headings.

I have used either Select Record Tool, setting the range to 10+ (for example), and the Sample Tool Skipping the first 9 rows. But I am getting the same results for both. I have attached the screen shot of my raw data, the desired output and the actual result I'm getting (all headings only). Any idea please? Thanks in advance!

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

I've attached an example workflow.


After you perform the select records you also need to use the 'dynamic rename' to make your first row your headers.



Alteryx Partner

Before you add the "Business" column, and after your Select Record Tool, try adding a Dynamic Rename tool and choose the "Rename Mode": "Take Field Names from First Row of Data".


This should make it so that your headers are now the true column names, and so when you create the new "Business" column, things will line up correctly.


Let me know if this helps,




Thanks so much Ben. It worked!


Thank you tcroberts! I know it is a very basic question, but I got stuck for a couple of days searching for the solution. I am so relieved with you and other guys' help.