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Specify Output Excel Cell Format


Hi. Is there a way to specify the Excell Output Cell Format?

As defoult it comes out as General but I need it to be Text. The file is picked up by QlikView and if it's General all the '&' couse trouble.


Cell Format.PNG


@dlesny ,

Someone else may come by and prove me wrong but I believe this is a limitation with the process inherent to writing an Excel file.

That being said, there are other options.

Are you always writing a file in the same format (ie, updating the same data)? You can set up an Excel template and have your workflow point its output to that.

Once you've set the field types you would just need to change the Output Data to append to the existing sheet (if you're writing to .xlsx).

If you're writing to an xls, you can delete the existing and append without changing the field types.


Since you mentioned that this is being utilized by Qlik, is there a reason you aren't using QVX files?


There was absolutely no reason, other than my little knowledge :)

I have changed to QVX files and after few hours of scratching head, why are my Charts have no data??? ...I got it, It is passing the & correctly.

Excel was clever enough to replace my V_string to numericals for QlikView, and it took me a while before I spot this.



Thank you for your help.