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Special characters to be used as flags

Happy Friday-  Stumbled across a nifty feature that i would like to share with you all
We have users ask if there was a way to flag something with a symbol of some kind. Maybe an up arrow if the value is on the up, or a down arrow.
I don't know if anyone else knew it was possible (i didn't till today) to insert special characters and symbols from the character map into Alteryx and have it displayed and have it search/sort - able by the interactive results grid. Here is my example just taking characters from the character map and adding into a formula
Special Characters.PNG
Just thought i'd share - hope you find this useful

I had to google 'character map'. Character Map in Windows 10

  1. Left-click on the Start menu
  2. Left-click on All Apps
  3. Scroll down and left-click on Windows Accessories to expand it
  4. Left-click on Character Map