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Special Characters converting to Unicode Email Tool

Alteryx Partner

I have a coworker who is trying to send out emails with bullet points, but they're becoming garbled (it's worked fine in the past).


Bullet points render in the reporting tool, but upon reaching the Email tool, it throws "Warning: Email (2): One or more Windows Ansi specific characters has been substituted with the corresponding Unicode point.", Which turns this:


  • factoid 1
  • interesting point 2
  • humorous aside 


into this:


•    factoid 1

•    interesting point 2

•    humorous aside


A similar post was made here:


However, when applying that solution, the bullet points become periods which are better, I suppose, but not ideal

Alteryx Certified Partner

I think not all bullet point characters are created equal. I was able to use this character "•" without issue through the email tool. The dash/hyphen character might also be a viable alternative to bullet points. 

Alteryx Partner

Hmm... that was treated just the same as my bullet point. 


Which version of Alteryx are you using? I'm on 2018.4.5. Since my coworker didn't have problems before, I wonder if this is a bug in the newer version.

Alteryx Certified Partner

I successfully used that character in emails to myself from 2018.3.4 and 2018.4.5. If you have access to other non-Office programs that can send emails like this, try those out to see if this is unique to Alteryx.

Alteryx Partner

Hmm... I'm only able to smtp through our company's relay (I'm not an expert on email protocol), but I found out something else curious.


When I don't use a reporting tool and email straight from a Text input, the bullet point goes through without issue.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Interesting. I was entering the character directly into the body field of the Email tool rather than using a Text or Layout field.