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Spatial Data download speed - SLOW


We've had problems in the past downloading the spatial data releases. Thinking it to be a firewall or network problem at work, I brought my laptop home tonight to give it a try on my home fiber connection. Plugged in to the same cable that will allow Steam to send me a much larger game in much less than an hour, I'm staring at another 3 to 4 hours of download time.

The speed has peaked at 20 mbps, but seems to be averaging around 16 mbps. Steam will send me games (much less expensive than this data) at 300 to 600 mbps. What gives? Is there a secret to getting an adequate transfer speed with the FTP connection? Is there something I'm missing? Thanks! 


I have the same problem, have had it ever since I started to try to download these in 2015. I now request USB sticks to be send as the US data pack takes about 12-18 hours to complete for me. Alteryx has claimed that for them the xfer speed was OK.


UPDATE: Alteryx now has made as a download portal incl Data Packages. Download speed seems improved even though it's still not anywhere near current day standards it's definitely better than via ftp.