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Spatial Analytics

Alteryx Certified Partner

I am trying to see if my points that have lat/lon values  fall within a give area.  The data I have received for these "areas" is given in this format: i.e. 02.0N 03.0E 30NW, 05.0N 01.0E 32SW, 11.0S 24.0W 10SW, etc.



Anybody have any idea? Should I make polygon shapes with the data and then see if the point falls within that shape?


Thank you!

Alteryx Certified Partner

Rephrase the question - I am trying to see if my point is within a quarter-mile of the data they give ...


For example....

point with  33.493 /-112.092    lat/lon is within a quarter mile of this data: 02.0N 03.0E 30NW


I'd make a polygon of the area, then buffer it by 1/4 mile, then see if the point(s) lie within the area.