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Spatial Analytics Grid (geo-coded) Thematic Map

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I am trying to create a thematic grid (geo-coded) map simulated in the attached image file.  The attached was generated using mapinfo and adjusting the symbol size and scale to look like a grid. The input data file uses MGRS (grid ID) , centroid-X (longitude), centroid-Y (Latitude) , and a X (float) value for thematic mapping.  I have tried using the grid tool , and the report map tool - using data "X" value as the thematic field, but have had no success. Needs to be a geo-coded grid or shape file in a mapinfo (.tab, .shp, etc.)  format such that image can be scaled.  Is this possible using Alteryx? 




Hello @afine01 

Can you please upload a copy of your workflow and some sample data?
This will help the Community to better troubleshoot the issue you are encountering.


Community Moderator
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11 - Bolide

@afine01, you need to use the Create Points tool in order to create the base level spatial object.

Beyond that, I think you might be able to successfully use Make Grid tool create a square of a specific size for each point. Just be sure to check Generate Grids For Each Object.

At that point, you should be ready to use the Report Map tool to create the thematic map. 


Good luck!

John Hollingsworth
Clear Channel Outdoor