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Source to target field renaming app


So I have a question and I need some help  in designing a workflow. 

Scenario : I want to change the field names of a table depending on my source file. 


For example I have a source file with the following fields :

Empl Nm

Emp ID



I want to change these field names to the following (Target file):

Employee Name

Employee ID

Tax Year


But I would like to build an alteryx application in such a way that once the user uploads the source file  (The top example) and the target file (The bottom example), it should populate a drop down menu for the source-target field mapping.


It should prompt the user a drop down list , consisting of the target field names for each and every source field.


For example -

Empl Nm  <<Drop down list containing target field names>>

Emp ID  <<Drop down list containing target field names>>

Year  <<Drop down list containing target field names>>



And once this has been selected, could I rename the source <-> target field names and spit out the excel file.


I have created a macro for this in excel but I would want to do this entire process in Alteryx if possible


Attached is an app that could get you started. The one caveat with designing the app this way is that the source file would always have to have the same fields. Is that what you were intending? Also I assume your end goal of the app is to union, so that's what I did here. In the attached there is a drop-down for each field in the source file. I have the fields from the target file feeding into the drop-downs, and then I'm dynamically updating the select tool based on what the user selects via the action tools. Then, if your end goal really is to union, you can just union based on field names. 



The only thing you would have left to do is change the text inputs to regular input tools and input some of your actual files, and then use file browse tools to let the user dynamically replace the files they are uploading.


Hope this helps!





Thank you, I did look at your solution, and it seems to have given me atleast a start. 

Im sorry if I wasnt clear in my earlier message. My end goal is to dynamically rename the fields. Now that I have selected "Employee Name" as "Empl Nm" and "Tax Year" as "Year", after these selections, the field names should be updated as selected in drop down.