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Sorting Data in a specific order by Find Replace and Text Input


I have created a few workflows and create a rank specific sort by using the Find Replace tool and Text Input which has my specific sort information. However, on a new workflow this process is not working as the Find Replace tool is not recognizing the text input headers, so I cannot select the appropriate header in the Find Value section.My assumption this has to do with the crosstab tool prior to my sort? Any solutions or workaround?






Hey @cstafford 


Make sure that the field you're using in the Find Replace tool is a string.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @cstafford 


Adding knowledge to great observation from @BarnesK, Codes and Order Numbers are usually numbers and if they are passed in a Text Input, they are automatically recognized as an Int Type and reduced to the most optimal size.

So a Select Tool is very welcome when using the Text Input, ok?