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Snowflake bulk load error

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Im trying to stream a new table into snowflake using the Stream InDB and the Bulk loader tool writing to a new temporary table. When running the work process I'm getting the error:


Error: Data Stream In (2): The COPY failed with error: Number of columns in file (9) does not match that of the corresponding table (11), use file format option error_on_column_count_mismatch=false to ignore this error
File 'LOG_UPLOAD_f7bfb8b0e078417392a34715aab60b/LOG_UPLOAD_f56fe84fe3624544a0cc3132ec7a3b.gz', line 2, character 1
Row 1 starts at line 1, column "LOG_UPLOAD"["LOG":9]
If you would like to continue loading when an error is encountered, use other values such as 'SKIP_FILE' or 'CONTINUE' for the ON_ERROR option. For more information on loading options, please run 'info loading_data' in a SQL client.

 It is a new create table option and shouldn't really be failing, troubleshooting any ideas would be appreciated



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The error is really .... 


Number of columns in file (9) does not match that of the corresponding table (11)


So you're not supplying all the columns that Snowflake expects.   

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Yes but the table schema is created by the upload tool. So the columns provided are the columns used to create the schema, so why is there then extra columns?

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You will need to show more of your workflow then, because that error is typical when the table is already there.


Can you make sure that the table doesn't exist before the workflow starts ?