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Snowflake In-DB Processing on Alteryx Server Gallery - No Lua Script was found




I currently have an issue performing In-DB Processing for a Snowflake database where I am repeatedly getting the "No Lua script was found for corresponding ODBC driver" issue. 


This is preventing me from successfully leveraging Alteryx's In-DB connection to Snowflake.


Per review of the following Alteryx Community thread (, this message is supposedly indicative of an attempt to connect to a database (Snowflake) that does not natively work with Alteryx. 


My company is currently using Snowflake ODBC 64-bit driver, version 2.17.0.


Can you please confirm what is the latest Snowflake ODBC driver version supported by Alteryx for In-DB Processing?




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Try ODBC client version


Hey Ryan,


Thanks for the response.  The Technology Platform team at my company has informed me that they cannot revert the Snowflake driver version to an older version.


As such, can you please confirm whether or not the Snowflake In-DB Connection works with Snowflake driver version 2.17.0 and Alteryx 2018.4?


If it doesn't work, when will Snowflake In-DB Connection be compatible with the above versions and what are the alternative solutions?