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Slow to deselect a single field




I have a workflow that takes two seconds to run but when I insert a select tool to deselect a single field the workflow takes thirty seconds to run.


I have another select tool, before the aforementioned select tool, that deselects multiple fields from the input data and that select tool doesn't take long at all.


Any ideas what's causing the slow run-time?


Thank you!


Can you recreate the situation in a workflow that can be attached here?


Not sure if I can since I don't know of a way I could attach a workflow with as much data as I'm using... it's 1.3 gb.


How about a screenshot?

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A few questions.


1) What is the data source?

2) if you don't deselect any fields (just a select tool with no actions) does it change the time?

3) What happens if you change the field you deselect?


Can you share the workflow - (or some version of it?)






Yes, a screenshot might help




Here is a screenshot of the workflow. It will take thirty seconds when including the second select tool.

1) The data source is an Alteryx database

2) The select tool would not change the time if I don't deselect any fields

3) Great suggestion... changing the field I am deselecting results in almost no increase to time. I've attached a second screenshot to show you the fields I have to choose from. If I deselect "file_name" the time shoots up. But, deselecting "gross_gpv" adds almost no time.


Something else I just realized is that the select tool adds no processing time if I disconnect the select tool's connection to the second filter tool.



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The one thing that catches my eye is that the Vstring field increases the time and the Double doesn't. Also the Vstring field looks really large 327..  (even though they are Vstrings) - what is that number? 


This is where I would try out different possibilities.


1) Add an Auto Field tool after the Input Data

2) Determine how long the longest file name is and in the first Select change the type to a Vstring with that length (+10%), and then try a String type.

3) Deselect a different Vstring field (reinsurance) and test that





P.S. posting the Select tool screenshot was very helpful.







I tried those things and it didn't help.


I also have realized that it isn't the select tool that is slowing the process down, it's the filtering down immediately after.