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Skip blank records in a join

5 - Atom

Is there a way I can skip blank or nonexistent records while doing a join?


I have a list of 200 client names and addresses. I need to join it with a list of client names and phone numbers. However only about 150 of the clients names have associated phone numbers, so when I use the Join tool, the list is pared down to items that have both and address and a phone number.  How can I tell Alteryx to skip a record that doesn't have a phone number and just leave it blank.


In Excel I'd just do a VLOOKUP.




13 - Pulsar

Hi @JohnO 


Here are two options


  1. Do the join, and then union the data that is dropping out
  2. Use the find and replace tool's 'append fields' option




11 - Bolide

Hi @JohnO ,


You could use a Union tool to join the L and J Join tool outputs, I think it will do the trick.




5 - Atom

Thank both of you so much! Both of these solutions do what I need them to do.