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Skip Field Names corrupts excel file



I've come across what I believe to be a bug and haven't been lucky finding any information related to it.


I've noticed that whenever I use a formula to pick an output path with specific cells and sheets to use (as I constantly have to use template documents) the document becomes corrupt whenever I pick the "Skip Field Names" option.


This usually leaves me with three options. Either replace the headers and thus deleting the format in the process, or put the headers as data and then delete the entire line, or third: or delete the headers beforehand, de-select the skip headers option and output my data there, but then the first line of data is treated as text/headers by default and has to be formated anyway.


Not a huge problem to have but I believe the behaviour can be reproduced consistently.


Here's a simplified example along with the curruption error when running the file can be done in like a minute. The input is just some random cells with random data I made up.




I've tried with and without single quotes between the worksheet name and the cells in the formula too.


When opening the file the data is fine, the problem itself is the corruption error, which disrupts macros, workflows and is just generally anoying to have to save the file again just to use it.


Any help is appreciated. Thank you!


Hi, can you share the rest of the error message? Once you click yes to repair it will tell you what was repaired.


Hi! Sorry. Been a busy week.


(Here's the error, i moved the formula to Sheet1$C5:E20 when testing by the way)

The error doesn't really say anything helpful. But I can garantee there's no problems with the data.


In fact, if i were to save the file (which has to be done as it's considered a "repaired file" by excel) it opens again just fine


The issue lies in why there's an error in the first place at the time of using the "Skip Field Names" feature




Hi. I have come across this post as I have discovered the same bug. Is there a fix for this?


I am able to reproduce the issue in 2019.2 and also in 2019.3. I will be conducting further research onto this issue and I will be updating you as soon as I can.


You were running into a defect: DE18410. The defect is still opend and being reviewed by our development team. We will notify you of any updates we receive.


Hi Guys,


Same problem here. In my case, i will miss a lot of data from the template (outside of the range of my data), if i use the skip field names option. 


@ntobon Thanks in advance for keep us posted.




Has there been any update or workaround for this issue??


defect: DE18410 is still open. 


Is there any ETA for this fix. This issue can help us in using template files