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SimpleDatabase::SelectColumnProperties: no such column [SYS].[SCHEMAS].[SCHEMAS_NAME]


 have had this issue before but I can't remember what I had to do to correct the problem.  Any suggestions? I haven't changed the workflow or any of the properties and these glitches are really getting old.I


What's the database you are trying to connect to?


Do you know if it's network related? If you run the workflow do you still get the error?


The tool it's saying has an error is the Tableau extract file (.tde).  Took me an hour to realize that because I found no simple way to search for a ToolId.  I think the problem I was having is that it refused to overwrite the file and I had to set the export to "Write New".  I'm running again, takes 4 hours to complete, and will report back if this is the case.


Hi @sk1909 


If you press CTRL + F that will load up the find section where you can then enter a tool id.


The error log will also have a hyperlink on the left to the tool that has thrown the error to help you as well.


Hopefully that helps in future if you get any errors