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Simple Value Comparison


Ok, I know this is probably a dumb question, but I'm building out my first workflow and I've spent an hour looking for a simple solution and can't find one.  I have the following data:



I can't figure out how I can simply compare the Count NS/Amount NS values on line 4 with the Count S4/Amount S4 totals on line 10.  This is the end result of a macro that will be used across multiple locations and the number of rows isn't always the same (i.e. line 4 might be line 3 for a different location [or on a different day]).


This is the very end of the process.  I'm trying to compare the totals to make sure they reconcile, and if they don't - have Alteryx kick out an error.  If they do reconcile, output and formatting are the next steps.


Bonus question - Is there even a way to reference a specific "cell" in Alteryx or can you only reference rows and columns?


Thanks in advance for the help!




You're right in that typicall everything is done across rows within Alteryx, and there isn't necessarily a way to reference a cell.  There are a couple approaches you could take.  A Multi-Row tool can be used to reference rows above/below, or to fill down a column so that you have all the data in one record for a calculation.


Can reference something like this post here:


Or feel free to share a sample table that we can work with.


Thank you for the response.  Unfortunately, I'm not really trying to fill data into blank cells.  When I looked at the multi-row tool it also didn't seem to be able to adapt to changes in number of rows between datasets. (same steps will be used for multiple locations on multiple days - rows may not be the same on different days even for the same location).


I'm just trying to figure out the "best practice" way to reconcile two numbers, then if they don't match, have some kind of error be kicked out by the system (ideally showing the difference).  I have attached the excel version of the table I was referencing in case it's needed.


@CSlusher  - Got it.  Here's a quick mocked up example of how the multi-row tool can be used. As when filling down a column it can be made dynamic to work regardless of how many record entries there are between your two Total records.


May or may not need to make it more flexible just depending what your full table looks like.




Hi @CSlusher 


First off, no dumb questions. Alteryx takes getting used to, especially if you're used to spreadsheet based analysis.


What you can do is filter out the two different values you want to compare, and then join them back together, joining on position rather than field. A simple formula calculates the difference between the two values. If it isn't zero, then there is an issue.




Let me know if this helps. I've attached a sample workflow.