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Shifting rows containing "00:00:00"

6 - Meteoroid

Hoping this is an easy one for the brilliant minds on here. I am very new to Alteryx and I have some data where the time stamp is in the wrong columns. Is there a way to shift the rows by identifying the contents of the cell?

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Hi @lbrehmer,


Could you give an example of the output your looking to achieve?




6 - Meteoroid

I have updated the sample data to reflect what i am trying to do. Basically any cell with 00:00:00 in column Address 4 OR Address 5 needs to shift the whole row over to align with F10 and F11

15 - Aurora

There may be niftier ways to do this, but the attached will do it brute force:



Of interest:

  • Basic idea is to Transpose and then use Multi-Row Formula to row-shift before Cross-Tabbing back.
  • One pain point was column data types: I forced everything to v_string with the Multi-Field Formula
  • Another pain point was spaces in the column names - I removed those with the initial select; (otherwise they get replaced with underscores by the CrossTab, which messes up the final Union).