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Sharepoint input tool is not pulling in all records in the list


I am trying to replace an old MS Access process.  The database connected to a Sharepoint list and pulls records from it for out to a couple reports.  I can connect to the list in Alteryx using the Sharepoint List Input tool, however when run, the workflow only finds 95 records.  Using Access, I see 4260.  I have the View set to All Items.


Through trial and error, I discovered that I can find some of the missing records by selecting different views but they do not have the same columns so I can union them.


I also tried adding a value in the Record Limit field, but still only get 95 results.


Hi J_Adams,


I did some extensive development recently with SharePoint and Alteryx working together both for lists and libraries (which are lists behind the scenes).


The build in SharePoint List Input and SharePoint List Output tools are great, but start having some issues when your lists/library has many fields or record-set size goes over 5K.


5K is a know limitation in SP protecting the browser experience, the same is present in PowerApps - in theory you can store millions of records in a list, but retrieval will be capped at 5K records at a time.


In the UI this is done via views, but creating and maintaining multiple views is not ideal.


I've researched this space and implemented a solution based on SharePoint REST API from scratch for lists and libraries. 


Top level idea is that for a list i make the 1st call to get the maximum index of the ID field and then use Generate Rows tool to increment from 1/0 to the max, 5K at a time, just like here:



There are a few pre-requisites to this solution, authentication being the main one, good starting page will be this link: (it covers creation of app on SP, which allows RESTful API calls).


I'm planning to release my solutions for: reading, writing to a list, creating library folder structure including multiple sub-folders and uploading and downloading files - available as a solution on the Community soon, will make sure to let you know.


In the meantime if you have any further questions, please let me know?





#Excuse me, do you speak Alteryx?






#Excuse me, do you speak Alteryx?