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Sharepoint Output - updating a Sharepoint List, no errors but no output

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I am trying to build a workflow that outputs to a Sharepoint List.  I can read the Sharepoint List into input without any issues.


There are no error codes on the output.


I have tried:

  • Checking all of the data types for a match
  • Including an ID field, and then excluding an ID field, ensuring that my new ID field starts numbering out of range of the previous so +1000
  • Trying all of the different Output Options on the Sharepoint Tool
  • Creating a New Sharepoint List from Excel output in Alteryx first so that the formats will match
  • Outputting only 2 columns, 1 text and 1 numeric for ease of testing
  • Outputting the text column as “Title” and then also trying with renaming “Title” as the Text column actual name that was renamed in Sharepoint and outputting that
  • Checking permissions on the site

I have read all of the posts on the community that I can find, but nothing seems relevant.  Any ideas?


Hello @harvjul 

Can you please include a copy of your workflow, and also include some of the following information to better troubleshoot the issue.

Are you getting any messages from Alteryx when the workflow finishes? 

Are you using a Sharepoint Output tool for the output?

What version of Alteryx are you using?


Once you provide the workflow and some more information the Community can help troubleshoot further.

Community Moderator
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After a lot of trial and error, I got the Sharepoint write to work.  Data Types seemed to be the reason for most of the issues.

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17 - Castor

Hey @harvjul - the sharepoint output tool does have a behavior where write actions can error out without an error being thrown.   As a result - there are situations where your entire sharepoint list can be emptied out if you fail on the first row.   I'm glad that you managed to debug this by looking at the data types - that is the most common issue.


I've logged an idea on this here:

it may be worth you adding your own personal experience to that thread to support the case for improving the error-handling on the Sharepoint Output tool.

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A more detailed Knowledgebase article would be helpful, too.  Something that describes how to handle the Sharepoint ID and whether it is required to calculate in the workflow before outputting, how to set up the List, how to better check each datatype.