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Sharepoint List Output Content Type

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I am using 2018.4 and I am able to successfully see the Content Type field when I use the Input tool for SharePoint. I am trying to update this field with another value from the list and my workflow is running without any errors in the SharePoint List output tool. 


However, when I go back to the list to see the changes, nothing has changed. 


This is in SharePoint Online. I would expect to get some time of error if the value isn't changing?


Any thoughts? suggestions?  


Hi @aehrenwo 


I am able to replicate this behavior. Currently updating the Content Type (or any system field from SP) is not supported. This post here discusses the same issue. I would recommend posting to the product ideas page to see this feature in future releases. 


It would also be helpful to know your specific use case. Please free to post that here or on the product ideas page.

Jake Samuels

Principal Support Engineer
Alteryx, Inc.