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Sharepoint List Connection Office 365


Hi all,


I'm attempting to connect to a Sharepoint List and I'm being told my Office365 credentials are incorrect (even though I know they're not.)


I just want to confirm I've configured the tool correctly or if there is a step I've missed somewhere:


Sharepoint Version:

Online/Office 365

Sharepoint URL:


Next section is email address & password but I know that that is correct.


Does the admin of our SharePoint site need to allow me to connect to the site in this way before I can go any further?



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @dbyfield 


I don't think so, obviously you have to have permissions to see the site with those credentials. 


Can you access the list via your browser?



Yep no issues with viewing the site / list through the browser. 


At the moment i'm taking 10+ excel files & updating around 300 list entries through the browser using CTRL+V and I just want to streamline this.





I am experiencing the same thing.  I have access to the site but the Sharepoint tool tell me I have checked and account name (email) and pw are correct



Hi all,


Does anyone have a suggestion on this, seems like it should be a simple solution and I'm missing something obvious......


Any assistance would be appreciated.

I have the same problem. I had a working connection with SP 2016 (List tool) but the company is recently migrate to SP o365. I tested with the SP o365 site (which I am the owner and have full control of the site), but got the following error msg: "The sig-in name or password does not match one in the Microsoft account system". I checked (against the SP o365 settings, and I does have valid username/pwd).

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.