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SharePoint list input date format issue

Alteryx Partner

I am having an issue inputting data using the SharePoint List tool.

Background: I am based in Australia and we use the dd/mm/yyyy date format and I am connecting to SP2010 list.

I can connect and input data using the SharePoint list tool, however all date fields are not imported correctly. Dates are imported as mm/dd/yyyy format.

So, if I have a date of 4-Sep-2017 (04/09/2017), it will import into Alteryx as 9-Apr-2017 (2017-04-09).

And for any dates with the day greater than 12 (eg: 31-Oct-2017) will not come into Alteryx and the field will be null.


The first attached image shows one record in SP and the second image of that record in Alteryx.


@Nicholas_Brill This is a known issue. Currently the SharePoint connectors does not interpret regional dates correctly. Our development team is already aware of the issue and has developed a potential fix for it which should be available in a future release.

Alteryx Partner

Thanks for the quick reply. I'll be looking out for the fix in a future release

Anyone have any suggestions on a work-around?  I am having the same issue.