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SharePoint files in Workflow

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Hello everyone, 


I have a workflow that has 4 SharePoint excel files that are read into the workflow to pull results. The workflow works perfectly fine when run manual, but I run into issues when attempting to move this workflow to the cloud. 


My assumption is because the files are mapped to my local drive and that will not work on the cloud. 


Does anybody know how to rework the mapping so these SharePoint files can be read into a cloud-based report?


I already tried to move the files into a network drive, but the end-user cannot access the network drive because she is using a MAC. 


@adam32291 when you refer to moving the workflow to the cloud - I assume you mean the Alteryx Server?


I'd advise that you refer to a UNC path for the network drive that is synched to the Sharepoint.  The machine where the Alteryx Server is installed on, will need access to this network drive too.


Once this is done then you shouldn't have issues running the workflow

7 - Meteor

You can  use HTTP calls to sharepoint directly to access the files in the workflow. For this you need to register an app on sharepoint.


Please refer to below links-

  1. Register an App in sharepoint
  2. Sharepoint rest api reference -


You can make HTTP calls to shareoint via Download tool in Alteryx. 

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Yes, referring to the Alteryx Server. Is there a quick way to locate the UNC path?


I attempted to google and it advised to run a command prompt, but nothing is showing for the particular file I need. 




@adam32291 You will most likely need to ask the Network/Sharepoint Administrator for the WevDAV information for the network location of the SharePoint Site. It would look something like this 


Additional Information -


Hope this helps