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SharePoint file output

6 - Meteoroid

I would like to write a CSV file to a folder on my organizations SharePoint site. I'm aware that the recommended way to do this is using the SharePoint File Output tool. The default browser sign-in option doesn't appear to function for me. I will likely need to use either the "Provide Username, Password and URL" or "Connect to URL with Windows Account" options. 


I have a username/password for the site but I'm uncertain what URL I need to provide. When accessing SharePoint through the browser I can get a link to the folder for sharing purposes, but it is not static and can change each time I go to share.


Wondering if anyone could clarify what the URL should look like or provide any best practices for writing to SharePoint from Alteryx.

18 - Pollux
18 - Pollux

Hi @danmcdonnell 


Since you need to enter a password and username to access the site, you'll need to use "Provide Username, Password and URL" as the log in method.  The URL that you provide is the initial URL that your enter to get the Username/password prompt.   Once there, the connector should show you a list of sites and document libraries.  



6 - Meteoroid

Thanks!, I recently discovered that the connection issue I was experiencing between Alteryx and SharePoint was due to an issue that is internal to my organization.  Appreciate the insight, good to know moving forward.

7 - Meteor

Hello, How did you overcome this issue?

I am struggling to get my Alteryx IT person and SharePoint Admin person to know what to do, and of course they are 3rd party and do not work in the same department or understand each other's applications... 

Can you provide screenshots/conversations or anything that I can use to progress this issue?

Obviously, leave out any "sensitive" information. 

Any help is greatly appreciated. 


This is the error I see. Not very helpful.



5 - Atom



Great community ! 


I am actually having the same issue "Failed to connect to SharePoint... Invalid Username/Password or URL"


If anyone has a way to solve this please let me know.


I am using a Client ID and Secret Key, It works fine when I select the Write Data Into  Lists.



Thanks for any help!