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SharePoint List wrong datetime

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when I import from SharePoint List, one day is subtracted from the value.

e.g. 2020-10-24 in SharePoint is imported as 2020-10-23

The DateTimeToLocal function did nothing to the imported Date field.

The DateTimeToUTC function also subtracts one day, so this is not useful either.


In SharePoint the Column is pure date (not time).

Is it a bug with the SharePoint List Input tool?


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Hi All,


We're facing the same issues any updates on how to work around the issue.?

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It seems to work with date and time though. Only date would just be a 'nice to have' for my case, so I can live with it.

I guess for only date in SharePoint the time is set to 00:00 and it somehow messes up reading it in.


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I heve the same issue wuth Sharepoint List, Could you please advice, did you solve that issue?

Related to date format in Sharepoint List  I have setting for "Date Only".StarepointListDateIssue.PNG

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17 - Castor

Hi @jeneir ,


Is it possible that the server on which the Sharepoint instance is installed is on a different time zone? If so, is the difference enough that it will throw over to another day when the workflow is executed? If this is the case, then when you read the dates in and out try using a datetimeadd() function to the date fields to sync it with the timezone of the workflow, whether that be a local designer instance or the Alteryx server.




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I don't recommend using "Date only" in SharePoint.

Our SharePoint is UTC+1 and I believe SP store it as UTC (-1h makes date into day before it seems). Alteryx reads it as a date field.

Maybe it would help if one could set datatype on the input tool, idk.

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I have changed for to Date + Time as you advised, and seen that In SharePoint it shows as 02/01/2021 12:00 AM and when I get it in Alteryx it shows as: 01/31/2021 11:00 PM.


I returned it back to Date only format and updated my flow as temporary solution with function dateTimeAdd() + 1 day for all data that get from SharePoint.

From my side it temporary because flow works fine previously and started work bad some days ago.