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SharePoint List Output - Very Slow


I have a list I am trying to delete and append from Alteryx to SharePoint. 


I have noticed that it runs VERY slow. like maybe a few hundred records every 10-15 seconds or even slower.  The data I am trying to ouput is 200k  rows so this could take 10 hours to publish or more...


I think that SharePoint may be timing out well before that completes. 


Any suggestions or is this just a limitation of the tool and SP? 



Programmatic use of SharePoint has generally always been a pain in my experience.

I would suggest checking with whoever handles your network infastructure to make sure that the connection to SharePoint is set up in the most optimal way.  Sometimes there are settings on the SP server side that can be adjusted (is what I've heard from some folks who work on SP servers where I work).