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SharePoint List Ouput with Person or Group type

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I'm attempting to Append data to a SharePoint list via the SharePoint List Output Tool. Running into an issue loading a field of Type - Person or Group. What my searches indicate is that you cannot load this Type via Excel (and appears the same in Alteryx). Has anyone successfully moved a field of this type to a SharePoint list via Alteryx? Any help would be appreciated.  

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Yes, I have managed to add data to SharePoint list and "Person or Group" field. All you have to do is to name the field exactly the same as in the SharePoint list, and fill it with the names, e-mail or "membership codes" without any quotation marks or anything. 


Like this:

Person Field
John Smith


But it only works when the "Allow multiple selections" are set to "No" in SharePoint:



If I set this to "Yes", then it work to populate the field with several names, but no other fields are populated, and I'm not able to update existing rows with multiple names.

One way to get around this, is to update the SharePoint list with the multiple names first, then you can extract the ID for each row with names and update the list with the remaining values. It is a dirty way, and you have to delete and add values for each time. 


If you find any better solution to that, I would like to know 🙂 


PS: I'm using SharePoint Online365 and Alteryx version 2020.4.5.12471.

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Hello, just wondering if anyone has found a solution to the above issue? I am trying to write to O365 Sharepoint list which has one Person field with multi-selection enabled. When it's disabled, everything works fine but it is not possible to disable that option in prod environment. Ideally I would like to avoid using the workaround above. Is this a Sharepoint or Alteryx issue? Many thanks!

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I'm trying to do the same thing, adding users into a "Person/Group" field.

I've followed the recommended solution and I tried adding the name or the email, but I still get the same error : "could not convert string to float".


Does anyone have a workaround ?


P.S. : using Alteryx 2021.4.2.02731 and Sharepoint File Output tool.


Many thanks,